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Since 2002, we've been serving thousands of users using our MemoriesOnTV slideshow product. The journey has now come to an end, and we thank all our users for the wonderful years that they've given us.

MemoriesOnTV Download

Runs on Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, VISTA, Windows 7.

Version 4.1.2 Free DEMORegistered
Pro EditionDownload
(Filesize: 7.4MB)
Home Edition

Installation Notes:

  1. During installation, you will be prompted to install either the PRO or HOME edition.
  2. Without a valid serial number for registration, the program will run in a DEMO mode.
  3. There is no time limit for the DEMO mode. All photo slideshows created with the DEMO will bear a watermark, until you purchase a serial number to register the software.
  4. If you have an existing MemoriesOnTV 2.X or 3.X installation, version 4 will NOT affect your existing setup. It will be installed to a different folder by default.
  5. Your registration serial is tied to the original email you've given during your purchase.
  6. On Windows 10, you need to enter your registeration serial as the Administrator user. After installing, right-click on the MemoriesOnTV icon and select "Run as Administrator". When you see the splash screen, hit "Register" and enter your email/serial accordingly.

ClipShows Download

Add-on to MemoriesOnTV version 4.1.0 or later.

ClipShow Volume 1.1 Download
ClipShow Volume 2 Download

Installation Notes:

  1. Check that you have MemoriesOnTV version 3.1.0 or later installed for ClipShow vol 1.1, and version 4.1.0 or later for ClipShow vol 2.
  2. During installation, you will be prompted to enter a serial number. This serial number is issued when you purchase the ClipShow package, and is different from your MemoriesOnTV serial number.
  3. You may install the ClipShows anywhere you like, but we'd recommend you use the default settings (the "clipshows" folder in the current MemoriesOnTV installation folder).

Avanquest/Nova Users

Mpeg2 Unlock Code Notes:

  1. On Windows 10, you need to enter your unlock code as the Administratror User. Right-click on the MemoriesOnTV icon and select "Run as Administrator". Thereafter, go to the BURN panel and select "DVD", and you should be prompted for the unlock code. Enter this accordingly.
  2. If you have further issues with your unlock code, you'll have to contact Nova Support, as we do not administer or have access to the unlock codes.