Portuguese (Brazil) language pack available

6th April | Announcement

Thanks to Telio Oliveira, you can now run MemoriesOnTV in Portuguese.


MemoriesOnTV in other languages

20th March | Announcement

We constantly receive requests to have MemoriesOnTV in languages other than English. When we started version 3.0 of the slideshow program, we made a conscious effort to make it language independent, so that it can be easily translated to other languages.


The Dissolve Effect

16th March | Announcement, Tutorial

Back in the older MemoriesOnTV 1.X days (it was known as PictureToTV then), we added a DISSOLVE transition effect for the slideshows. This was later removed when we found out that it can generate a “MPEG killer sequence” which can crash the Mpeg encoder completely. Unfortunately, the Mpeg gods from MainConcept say that nothing can be done about this.


Creating Multi-Pictures Slide

14th March | Tutorial

One of the most exciting new features in MemoriesOnTV 3.0 (Pro) is the ability to layer multiple pictures onto a single slide. This tutorial guides you through the creation of your first multi-pictures slide for your slideshows.


High Definition Slideshow

7th March | Tutorial

A few folks wrote to us asking about the creation of high definition (high resolution) slideshows. We don’t have huge plasma TVs, so this need didn’t really occur to us. However, it is indeed possible to create such slideshows in the PRO edition, through the AVI export feature.


Getting Started with MemoriesOnTV

6th March | Tutorial

This is a beginner tutorial that guides you through creating your first slideshow project in MemoriesOnTV. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to create a professional looking photo slideshow.


Creating transition effects with Photoshop

6th March | Tutorial

MemoriesOnTV 3.0 gives you the ability to create your own transition effects for your slideshows using an image editor. This tutorial goes through the creation of a few sample effects using Photoshop.


Creating the front page DEMO Slideshow: Part 1

6th March | Tutorial

This tutorial is part of a multi-part series that documents some of the tricks we’ve employed to create the DEMO photo slideshow you see on our front page.


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