Our new office!

15th August | Announcement, Musing

We have finally moved into our new office :) The office is still pretty bare, but I’m sure we’ll spice it up as we settle down into our new home. We’re also making good progress on version 3.1, and should release it sooner than we’ve expected. We’ll keep all posted when it’s ready.

Hungarian language pack available

19th July | Announcement

Thanks to Balazs Fekete, you can now run MemoriesOnTV in Hungarian.


“Lack of News” Update

11th July | Musing

Updates on this blog has been slow recently. We thought we could get away with it, since the whole world is watching soccer :)

Anyway, just to keep everyone posted on what’s happening here… We’re working on 3.1, which should be out before Thanksgiving (conservatively). There’re some cool stuff in 3.1, but we’re not ready to talk about it yet. Some of the frequently requested features (eg. TMpgEnc Plus support) will make its way into it though.

We’ve also been busy looking for a new home for our office. This has sucked up more time than we’ve imagined, and it looks we’ll finally be making the move soon.

MemoriesOnTV 3.0.3 released

13th May | Announcement

Version 3.0.3 released. Refer to the detailed changes.

Detailed changes…

Creating the front page DEMO Slideshow: Part 3

8th May | Tutorial

This tutorial continues from Part2, where we describe the various tricks we’ve used in our DEMO photo slideshow.


Spanish language pack available

3rd May | Announcement

Thanks to Pedro Tenorio, you can now run MemoriesOnTV in Spanish. Alvaro Mindez has aided us in the this translation as well, thanks!


MemoriesOnTV 3.0.2 released

20th April | Announcement

Version 3.0.2 released. This release fixes the incorrect fading of background audio when overlapping slide audio is present. Also, quite a few enhancements were added to make editing easier (refer to the detailed changes).

Detailed changes…

Importing VOB files

18th April | Tutorial

VOB is the video file that’s inside your DVD disc VIDEO_TS folder. This is the file that stores all the video and audio streams of your slideshow on the DVD.

We get frequent e-mails on importing VOB files into MemoriesOnTV, presumably because some users want to re-use some previously rendered slideshows.


Creating the front page DEMO Slideshow: Part 2

6th April | Tutorial

This tutorial continues from Part1 where we describe the various tricks we’ve used in our DEMO photo slideshow.


MemoriesOnTV 3.0.1 released

6th April | Announcement

We have just put up 3.0.1 for download. This release fixes a few important bugs. In particular, it implements the 64-bit ZIP archive feature (for slideshow projects > 2Gb) and corrects the DVD-RW erasing problem.

Detailed changes…

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