Face Detection in MemoriesOnTV 4.

10th December | Tutorial

One of the exciting features in MemoriesOnTV 4 is the availability of automatic face detection when doing pan/zoom. With this, it is trivial to pan to each individual face in a group shot. (more…)

MemoriesOnTV 4.0.0 is here!

10th December | Announcement

After months of slogging at the keyboards, we are pleased to announce the release of MemoriesOnTV Version 4!

This is a major release which includes features like motion menus (yes! *pump fist*) and slide masking and overlays. With these, you can create very cool looking animated menus with faded/non-rectangular/translucent buttons.

Also, do check out other features like face detection for automatic Ken Burns panning and zooming as well as shadowing support.

As usual, do give us your feedbacks and comments. In the meantime, we’re gonna hit the sack. :)

Greatest thing since …

24th July | Announcement

Announcing the beta release of Libra, our neatly crafted library software that helps you organize your books, DVDs, Audio CDs, Games, and stuffs in general. For more information, please visit:


MemoriesOnTV users, we aren’t leaving the product behind. We are also working on a new version in parallel. Do check back with us for updates!

MemoriesOnTV Users’ Forum

4th June | Announcement

We have been receiving requests for starting/hosting a MemoriesOnTV users’ forum since the product’s first launch. We have not gotten around to do that for one reason or another (well, mainly because we devote our resources into improving and adding new features to the product) …

I think our inactivity on that front has irritated an end user enough that he went ahead and set up an external forum. :P The forum can be accessed here:



11th May | Musing

For the last (almost) 5 years that we’ve been in business, we never fail to receive e-mails from enthusiastic users whenever we went into “hibernation mode” - a period of perceived inactivity when we laze around the beach watching the world passes us by.

Well, we really wish :)

The truth is far from that. We’ve been working hard behind the scene to plan our next move for complete world domination. Besides a new version of MemoriesOnTV, we’re also working on a new product that will replace sliced bread.

Things are still half-baked at this stage, so we’ll postpone a little longer before revealing more. In the meantime, if you’re getting impatient, go stroll on the beach… when you come back, we’ll be ready :)

MemoriesOnTV 3.1.8 released.

18th January | Announcement

We’ve just uploaded version 3.1.8. This release fixes the inability to import grayscale JPEG image in earlier versions, due to the way the optimized JPEG decoder works. It took us a while but it’s now fixed for good.

Version 3.1.X has been running stable for many months, and we’re expecting updates to slow, so that we can focus on delivering major features.

Detailed changes…

HOWTO: Add scrolling credits to the end of show

24th November | Tutorial

We get quite a lot of e-mails regarding how to add scrolling credits to the end of the slideshow. This can be accomplished easily with the text caption effects as follow:

  1. Add a TEXT slide to the end of your show, and double-click on it.
  2. Go to the TEXT tab, and add a new text caption. Double-click on this caption, and then enter all the credits (use different lines if you want). It’s important that you do NOT change the position of your text (leave it as default). Click DONE when you’re done editing.
  3. On the same TEXT tab, look under the EFFECT column. Click on the effect cell corresponding to your text caption, and select “Scroll Up”. After that, set “Effect Duration” to “50%”. You’re done. Click PLAY to preview.


7th November | Musing

We found a little freeware gem written by Marcus Hebel today. It’s called ShiftN:


Essentially, what it does is it detects converging vertical lines in your photos, and then do a perspective scaling so that the vertical lines are perfectly vertical. For photos with architecture buildings, this results in a very aesthetic view.

The web site is in German, but the software is in both English and German. Give it a try on pictures with buildings. You’ll be amazed!

MemoriesOnTV 3.1.6 Released

6th November | Announcement

MemoriesOnTV 3.1.6 is released. This is a minor bug fix release (see changes), which includes fixing an EXIF bug that affects pictures taken with certain Canon digital cameras. Should you run into any crashing situations with an earlier version, update to this and give it a spin. Do let us know if you have any questions.

Detailed changes…

MemoriesOnTV & MemoriesOnWeb 3.1.5 Released

26th October | Announcement

We have released MemoriesOnTV 3.1.5. This release fixes a few minor bugs that were encountered by some users (see changes). A new addition in this release is the ability to auto-check for update releases.

We have also resurrected MemoriesOnWeb. This is a freeware that allows users to create slideshows for YouTube and other video hosting services, with the same ease as MemoriesOnTV. Do share this piece of good news with your friends.

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