11th May | Musing

For the last (almost) 5 years that we’ve been in business, we never fail to receive e-mails from enthusiastic users whenever we went into “hibernation mode” - a period of perceived inactivity when we laze around the beach watching the world passes us by.

Well, we really wish :)

The truth is far from that. We’ve been working hard behind the scene to plan our next move for complete world domination. Besides a new version of MemoriesOnTV, we’re also working on a new product that will replace sliced bread.

Things are still half-baked at this stage, so we’ll postpone a little longer before revealing more. In the meantime, if you’re getting impatient, go stroll on the beach… when you come back, we’ll be ready :)


7th November | Musing

We found a little freeware gem written by Marcus Hebel today. It’s called ShiftN:


Essentially, what it does is it detects converging vertical lines in your photos, and then do a perspective scaling so that the vertical lines are perfectly vertical. For photos with architecture buildings, this results in a very aesthetic view.

The web site is in German, but the software is in both English and German. Give it a try on pictures with buildings. You’ll be amazed!

Windows Vista RC1

12th September | Musing

We have been making good progress on getting MemoriesOnTV 3.1 to run on Windows Vista. So far, it is running well on the latest Vista release, RC 1, or “Release Candidate 1″. Users who are living on the bleeding edge of technology, and are running Windows Vista RC1, do give MemoriesOnTV 3.1 a spin on your setup, and let us know of any problems/errors encountered. Thanks!

Video sharing

8th September | Musing

We occassionally receive video clips from our users. We have just setup a YouTube account so that we can share some of the interesting ones (with the authors’ permissions of course) with other people.

For the inaugural video clip, we have this dig at Creative’s patent from “AAPLLvr”. Check it out here.

Yeah, we know, we are from the same country as Creative. Oh, we are trying to digg this as well (dugg!). :)

WordPress Blog Setup

7th September | Announcement, Musing

As you can see, we have finally setup a REAL blogging package (we have chosen WordPress). This allows us to organize and manage our postings easily, without having to manually update every sidebar links like the old days :)

As the postings are grouped into categories, it makes it easier for users to locate and browse the tutorials and announcements without having to comb through all the other unrelated ones. Hope you guys like it!

Our new office!

15th August | Announcement, Musing

We have finally moved into our new office :) The office is still pretty bare, but I’m sure we’ll spice it up as we settle down into our new home. We’re also making good progress on version 3.1, and should release it sooner than we’ve expected. We’ll keep all posted when it’s ready.

“Lack of News” Update

11th July | Musing

Updates on this blog has been slow recently. We thought we could get away with it, since the whole world is watching soccer :)

Anyway, just to keep everyone posted on what’s happening here… We’re working on 3.1, which should be out before Thanksgiving (conservatively). There’re some cool stuff in 3.1, but we’re not ready to talk about it yet. Some of the frequently requested features (eg. TMpgEnc Plus support) will make its way into it though.

We’ve also been busy looking for a new home for our office. This has sucked up more time than we’ve imagined, and it looks we’ll finally be making the move soon.

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