MemoriesOnTV 3.0.3 released

13th May | Announcement

Version 3.0.3 released. Refer to the detailed changes.

Detailed changes…

Spanish language pack available

3rd May | Announcement

Thanks to Pedro Tenorio, you can now run MemoriesOnTV in Spanish. Alvaro Mindez has aided us in the this translation as well, thanks!


MemoriesOnTV 3.0.2 released

20th April | Announcement

Version 3.0.2 released. This release fixes the incorrect fading of background audio when overlapping slide audio is present. Also, quite a few enhancements were added to make editing easier (refer to the detailed changes).

Detailed changes…

MemoriesOnTV 3.0.1 released

6th April | Announcement

We have just put up 3.0.1 for download. This release fixes a few important bugs. In particular, it implements the 64-bit ZIP archive feature (for slideshow projects > 2Gb) and corrects the DVD-RW erasing problem.

Detailed changes…

Portuguese (Brazil) language pack available

6th April | Announcement

Thanks to Telio Oliveira, you can now run MemoriesOnTV in Portuguese.


MemoriesOnTV in other languages

20th March | Announcement

We constantly receive requests to have MemoriesOnTV in languages other than English. When we started version 3.0 of the slideshow program, we made a conscious effort to make it language independent, so that it can be easily translated to other languages.


The Dissolve Effect

16th March | Announcement, Tutorial

Back in the older MemoriesOnTV 1.X days (it was known as PictureToTV then), we added a DISSOLVE transition effect for the slideshows. This was later removed when we found out that it can generate a “MPEG killer sequence” which can crash the Mpeg encoder completely. Unfortunately, the Mpeg gods from MainConcept say that nothing can be done about this.


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