MemoriesOnTV 4.1.0 and ClipShow Volume 2 Released

16th July | Announcement

We have just made 2 releases: MemoriesOnTV Version 4.1.0, and the 2nd volume of our ClipShows.

Version 4.1.0 of MemoriesOnTV includes the ability to upload your slideshow video onto Youtube, so you can now easily whip up a quick clip of that vacation you have just returned from and share the memories with your friends.

We have also added some integration with Picasa, which allows you to export your pictures directly from within Piscasa. No more manual exporting of your edited pictures.

Volume 2 of our ClipShow package includes 21 brand new and unique sequences and effects, and a couple of variations based off these. Some of these rely heavily on the overlay and masking features in MemoriesOnTV 4 to create interesting visual effects. They can be used to jump start or spice up your slideshow.

Do check them out! As always, do give us your feedback and thoughts about them!

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MemoriesOnTV 4.0.4 released

14th March | Announcement

Another minor bug fix release.

Some miscellaneous fixes to deal with issues in DVD menus and video file importing. Also fixes some language pack annoyances.

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Forum resurrected

11th February | Announcement

MOTVForum was closed down a couple of weeks ago when the maintainer moved on to the Mac world. Our user, Alan Pilcher, kindly volunteered to take over as the new maintainer, and it’s now officially up:

We have a couple of users who e-mailed us regarding this, so it’s really great to see it resurrected. We will not be participating in the forum officially, but will be supportive of the effort. A big thank you to Alan and the previous maintainer (please consider coming back to the dark side :) )

MemoriesOnTV 4.0.3 released

22nd January | Announcement

A minor bug fix release to start the year.

In previous MemoriesOnTV 4 releases, importing from a multi-album project didn’t work (oops!). This release fixed the problem.

Also, it fixed another bug in which the trimming and fading states of an audio track that was attached to individual slides weren’t properly saved, causing the settings to revert back to the default values.

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MemoriesOnTV 4.0.2 released

31st December | Announcement

Just a minor bug fix release before the close of the year. This fixed the crashes and program hanging occurrences that happened on some installation during face detection operations.

Have a great new year ahead everyone!

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MemoriesOnTV 4.0.1 released

18th December | Announcement

We have released MemoriesOnTV version 4.0.1. This is just a bugfix release, which fixes some of the bugs uncovered by our users since the release of MemoriesOnTV 4 last week.

Do keep the bug reports coming, and feedbacks too! We’d love to hear from your folks so that we can make this even better!

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MemoriesOnTV 4.0.0 is here!

10th December | Announcement

After months of slogging at the keyboards, we are pleased to announce the release of MemoriesOnTV Version 4!

This is a major release which includes features like motion menus (yes! *pump fist*) and slide masking and overlays. With these, you can create very cool looking animated menus with faded/non-rectangular/translucent buttons.

Also, do check out other features like face detection for automatic Ken Burns panning and zooming as well as shadowing support.

As usual, do give us your feedbacks and comments. In the meantime, we’re gonna hit the sack. :)

Greatest thing since …

24th July | Announcement

Announcing the beta release of Libra, our neatly crafted library software that helps you organize your books, DVDs, Audio CDs, Games, and stuffs in general. For more information, please visit:

MemoriesOnTV users, we aren’t leaving the product behind. We are also working on a new version in parallel. Do check back with us for updates!

MemoriesOnTV Users’ Forum

4th June | Announcement

We have been receiving requests for starting/hosting a MemoriesOnTV users’ forum since the product’s first launch. We have not gotten around to do that for one reason or another (well, mainly because we devote our resources into improving and adding new features to the product) …

I think our inactivity on that front has irritated an end user enough that he went ahead and set up an external forum. :P The forum can be accessed here:

MemoriesOnTV 3.1.8 released.

18th January | Announcement

We’ve just uploaded version 3.1.8. This release fixes the inability to import grayscale JPEG image in earlier versions, due to the way the optimized JPEG decoder works. It took us a while but it’s now fixed for good.

Version 3.1.X has been running stable for many months, and we’re expecting updates to slow, so that we can focus on delivering major features.

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