MemoriesOnTV on Mac

20th August | Tutorial

We’re getting quite many enquiries about running MemoriesOnTV on Mac OSX. While MemoriesOnTV is designed to run only on Windows, you should be able to run it on Mac if you have a Windows emulation software (such as VirtualBox, Vmware Fusion, or Parallels) installed.

We’ve recently gotten a Mac and tested this ourselves for the 1st time. In our setup, we installed Windows XP on Sun’s VirtualBox (freeware) :

The installation of Windows XP on VirtualBox is out of the scope of this post, but should be straightforward. Once you have VirtualBox setup, you can launch it and run any Windows based application. One nice feature of VirtualBox is that it has a “seamless mode” that will allow you to run Windows application directly on your Mac desktop:

MemoriesOnTV running on Mac

MemoriesOnTV runs smoothly on VirtualBox, except that its burn drivers doesn’t seem to work well under virtualization. In our case, MemoriesOnTV hangs when we hit the BURN panel (this is when the burn drivers are loaded). This may or may not happen on your setup.

If you’re getting the same behavior, you will need to disable MemoriesOnTV’s burn driver, in order to be able to proceed with DVD video generation. To do so, quit MemoriesOnTV and open up the folder in which you’ve installed MemoriesOnTV (default is “C:\Program Files\MemoriesOnTV4\”). You should see a “burn” folder here. Rename this to “burn.old”.

You should now be able to launch MemoriesOnTV and go to the BURN panel. Your burnerĀ  will not be detected, as the burn driver has been disabled. However, you should be able to proceed with generating the DVD video disc image. This will be output as a standard DVD “VIDEO_TS” folder, written to the folder you’ve specifed at the bottom of your BURN panel.

When MemoriesOnTV is done creating the “VIDEO_TS” folder, you will need to use a 3rd party burning application on your Mac to burn the DVD. Many commercial DVD burning software will be able to import the “VIDEO_TS” content, when you specify “DVD Video” as your project type.

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