Using Masking/Overlaying to create Interesting Menus

11th December | Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will use the Masking and Overlaying capability in MemoriesOnTV 4 to create an interesting video disc menu.

Let’s start off with the default menu that MemoriesOnTV has set up for us:

Default disc menu

Since we have only 2 albums in this project, we change the layout accordingly via the drop-down list. We use “2 - Center” for now. We also change the background image to that of a scrape book using the “…” button at the end of the “Background” entry.

Custom layout and background

Next, we want to change the color and font for the captions on the menu to make them look like they’ve been written onto the scrape book using a blue marker. Do this by double click on the text captions to bring up the edit window. Repeat for the other text and thumbnail buttons as well.

Menu item editor

After some repositioning and resizing of the menu items, the menu is starting to look more interesting:

We are gonna ignore the “Back”, “Next” and “Up” buttons, since we will only have 1 menu page, they won’t show up in the final disc menu.

Next comes the masking and overlaying. Double click on one of the thumbnail buttons to bring up the editor window again. The masks and overlays are combined into the borders available for selection in the “Effect” tab. Explore the different borders available to select the one most appropriate for you menu. For our case, we are gonna select the blue marker border.

Finally, we get what we set out to create: Final disc menu with masking and layering

Looks alot better than other unadorned menus doesn’t it? :)

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