HOWTO: Add scrolling credits to the end of show

24th November | Tutorial

We get quite a lot of e-mails regarding how to add scrolling credits to the end of the slideshow. This can be accomplished easily with the text caption effects as follow:

  1. Add a TEXT slide to the end of your show, and double-click on it.
  2. Go to the TEXT tab, and add a new text caption. Double-click on this caption, and then enter all the credits (use different lines if you want). It’s important that you do NOT change the position of your text (leave it as default). Click DONE when you’re done editing.
  3. On the same TEXT tab, look under the EFFECT column. Click on the effect cell corresponding to your text caption, and select “Scroll Up”. After that, set “Effect Duration” to “50%”. You’re done. Click PLAY to preview.

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