Creating the front page DEMO Slideshow: Part 3

8th May | Tutorial

This tutorial continues from Part2, where we describe the various tricks we’ve used in our DEMO photo slideshow.

In this tutorial, we will focus on the creation of a slideshow in slideshow slide. This would be the 9th slide in the demo.

Demo Slideshow Overview

Firstly, we need to create our inner slideshow. For this, we simply drag in our pictures as shown, and set all transition to the Image Peel effect:

Inner Slideshow

We then merge all the 4 slides into a single video clip. We do this by selecting all slides, and select “Project -> Merge slides into Video Slide”. We will end up having a single video clip slide in our project.

Now we create the outer slideshow. Import the same 4 pictures again, before the video clip we’ve just created. For these 4 pictures, we customize each of their pan/zoom so that they pan & rotate nicely:

Outer Slideshow

After that, we select the 1st 4 slides and do a “Project -> Merge slides into Video Slide” again. This will create the outer slideshow video clip.

We want to decorate the inner slideshow with a picture frame border. To do this, we need to add one more slide for the transparent picture frame to the end:

Inner/Outer Slideshow

With these 3 slides ready, we can now layer them into a single slide. We select all 3 slides and select “Project -> Layer slides into multi-picture slide”. In the multi-picture slide window, we set the EFFECT to “Custom”, and the duration to that of the layered video clip (18 sec):

Layer Inner/Outer Slideshow

We now switch to the Pan/Zoom panel to adjust the size of the inner slideshow (and its corresponding frame). By default, the pan/zoom panel will select the topmost (last) slide, which is the wooden frame. With the START FRAME selected, we rotate the wooden frame 90 degrees, and then zoom and pan it down to the lower right corner:

Layer Inner/Outer Slideshow

We have only adjusted the pan/zoom values for the START keyframe. Since we don’t want the wooden frame to move, we will need to set its END keyframe to the same pan/zoom values. To do so, we simply go to the END keyframe, and select “Menu -> Copy from Previous Frame”:

Layer Inner/Outer Slideshow

We’re all set for the wooden frame. Now we do the exact same thing to the inner slideshow layer (remember to set the END keyframe to the same values as the START keyframe for this layer, like before). This is what we will end up with:

Layer Inner/Outer Slideshow

That’s it! We’re all set to render this layered slide. Click on NEXT and MemoriesOnTV will generate the video clip for this layered “slideshow in slideshow”.

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