Importing VOB files

18th April | Tutorial

VOB is the video file that’s inside your DVD disc VIDEO_TS folder. This is the file that stores all the video and audio streams of your slideshow on the DVD.

We get frequent e-mails on importing VOB files into MemoriesOnTV, presumably because some users want to re-use some previously rendered slideshows.

VOB files are actually just ordinary MPEG files that conforms to the DVD standard. In particular, the video & audio streams in the VOB are within certain prescribed bitrates, and the MPEG data is annotated with additional meta-information (PCI/DSI packets).

There’s nothing magical about VOB files, and in most cases, you can just rename them to use the “MPG” file extension. After that, you’ll be able to import them into all software that supports MPG import (like MemoriesOnTV).

There are 2 caveats:

1. You cannot import encrypted VOB files.

All Hollywood DVD’s are encrypted, and you will not be able to import them without decrypting.

As an interesting side note, the encryption key is stored in a section of the DVD disc that cannot be burnt to on a recordable using off-the-shelve DVD burners. This is also why you can NEVER create your own encrypted DVD with ordinary burners, regardless of the software you use.

2. You need to join VOB files greater than 1 Gb

On a DVD video disc, all VOB files greater than 1 Gb are splitted into 1 Gb chunks. The following shows a DVD video that’s greater than 7Gb (this video is from a dual-layer DVD). The first VOB file that’s named “VTS_01_0.VOB” is the disc menu, and you should ignore this. All video content always starts from the VOB file with ending index of “1″, so in this case, the video MPEG is from “VTS_01_1.VOB” to “VTS_01_8.VOB”.

Before you can use the above VOB files, you need to join them into a single MPEG file. You can easily do this by typing the following from your “Command Prompt” (Windows -> Accessories -> Command Prompt):

copy /B VTS_01_1.VOB + VTS_01_2.VOB + VTS_01_3.VOB + VTS_01_4.VOB
+ VTS_01_5.VOB + VTS_01_6.VOB + VTS_01_7.VOB + VTS_01_8.VOB MyVideo.MPG

The above command will join all 8 VOB files into the destination file “MyVideo.MPG” in binary mode (/B flag). You should be able to drag & drop “MyVideo.MPG” into MemoriesOnTV after this.

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