Creating the front page DEMO Slideshow: Part 2

6th April | Tutorial

This tutorial continues from Part1 where we describe the various tricks we’ve used in our DEMO photo slideshow.

In this tutorial, we will focus on how we create the 8th slide, which is the slide with the two hands holding a video strip playing on a white cardboard.

Demo Slideshow Overview

Firstly, we have our background picture with the 2 hands holding the cardboard:

Demo Slideshow Hands

Now, using any image editor, we can find out the exact color of the white cardboard. In this case, it has a RGB value of (0xE4, 0xE4, 0xE4).

With this in mind, we proceed to create our video strip that scrolls pictures from right to left. This is simply a multi-pictures slide with the “Row Shift” effect (If you do not yet know how to create multi-pictures slide, please refer to this tutorial).

Demo Slideshow Row Shift

Now, since we need this video strip to blend nicely with the white cardboard, we need to set its background color to the white cardboard color. We do this simply in the “Background” tab:

After the “Row Shift” video clip slide has been created, we double-click on it to configure it. First, we go to the “Background” tab to set its background image to the picture with the 2 hands:

At this point, you will not be able to see the background, since the “Row Shift” video clip occupies the whole slide. We need to scale the video clip size down. To do this, we go to the Pan/Zoom tab:

With the “Start Frame” selected, we drag the zoom slider down until the hands in the background can be seen. After this, we will need to configure the “End Frame”. Click on the right arrow next to the “Start Frame” to go to the “End Frame”:

We want the “End Frame” to have the exact same zoom value as the “Start Frame”, since we do not want any motion. We do this simply by selecting “Copy from Previous Frame” from the drop-down menu.

Now we’re done! The video clip is scaled down to a region within the white cardboard. Click on the PLAY button on the slide configuration window to witness it yourself.

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