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20th March | Announcement

We constantly receive requests to have MemoriesOnTV in languages other than English. When we started version 3.0 of the slideshow program, we made a conscious effort to make it language independent, so that it can be easily translated to other languages.

We’ve pretty much achieved this goal, except that since MemoriesOnTV is still not Unicode based, it can only be easily translated into Roman-based languages for now.

We have extracted all the strings used in MemoriesOnTV into a INI TEXT file (downloadable below). This file can be easily edited using any text editor, and it looks like this:

"Add Macro"="Add Macro"
"Add New Album"="Add New Album"
"Add New Track (sub-Album)"="Add New Track (sub-Album)"
"Add New Track"="Add New Track"

The effort of translating MemoriesOnTV boils down to changing the right hand side of the strings in the above file to your native language.

If you would like to volunteer translating MemoriesOnTV to your native language, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Lang.ini (current version: 4.1.0 Updated 14-Jul-2008) file.
  2. Edit the Lang.ini file with any plain text editor, such that the right-hand side of the strings on each line is the translated string in your language. If possible, try not to extend the length of the string beyond the English version.
  3. Send the INI text file back to us at (we do reply), and let us know which language you’ve translated to.
  4. If your INI text file looks correct, we’ll build the language DLL file and upload it to our download page for all to download. We’ll credit your name with the translation on the download page.
  5. You simply have to copy this DLL file to your MemoriesOnTV installation folder, and it will startup in your language.

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