Creating Multi-Pictures Slide

14th March | Tutorial

One of the most exciting new features in MemoriesOnTV 3.0 (Pro) is the ability to layer multiple pictures onto a single slide. This tutorial guides you through the creation of your first multi-pictures slide for your slideshows.

To create your multi-pictures slide, first import in the photos that you want to be on the slide. After that, select them, right-click and select “Layer Selected into a Multi-Pic Slide”:

The multi-pictures slide window will appear. Select the multi-picture “Effect” you want, and click on the PLAY button to preview it:

Once you’re done selecting your desired effect, click on the NEXT button at the bottom. You will be prompted to save the new multi-pictures slide as a video clip:

Once you’re done, click “Finish” and MemoriesOnTV will generate the video clip that represents your multi-pictures slide for you. It will then replace the original photos you’ve selected with the new multi-pictures slide:

That’s it! You’re done with creating your multi-pictures slide.

If you want to re-edit your multi-pictures slide, double-click on it and go to the GENERAL tab. After that, click on the EDIT button, and you will go back to the original multi-pictures slide window you see above:

One other interesting parameter you can adjust in the GENERAL tab above is the “End Pause” setting. This allows you to pause the end of the multi-pictures slide, and can be very useful when you want the last frame to show longer, before it gets transitioned into the next slide.

Enjoy! :)

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