High Definition Slideshow

7th March | Tutorial

A few folks wrote to us asking about the creation of high definition (high resolution) slideshows. We don’t have huge plasma TVs, so this need didn’t really occur to us. However, it is indeed possible to create such slideshows in the PRO edition, through the AVI export feature.

The AVI export feature allows you to export your slideshow to AVI file format, using whatever VFW (Video For Windows) video codecs you have installed on your PC. 2 very common good AVI codecs to use are DivX and Xvid (Xvid is our personal favorite). For audio, you can use the LAME MP3 codec.

What’s interesting about the AVI export feature is that you can specify a custom output resolution (as long as the codec you’re using supports it).

We’ve tested 3.0 successfully with generating 720p (1280×720) and even 1080p (1920×1080) widescreen slideshow, using both DivX and Xvid codecs.

Here’s what we did to generate our 720p High Definition slideshow:

  1. Select “Edit -> Preference” menu and set the “Aspect Ratio” to “Widescreen”.
  2. Select “Project -> Export to MPG/AVI File…” menu.
  3. Click “Browse…”, and change the “Save as type” in the file dialog to “AVI Video Files (*.avi)”. After that, key in the filename we want to save the AVI file under.
  4. Click on ADVANCED SETTINGS, and set “Resolution” to “Custom”. Use 1280×720 (720p) for the resolution.
  5. Click “Finish”.
  6. You’ll now be prompted for the video codec to use. If you’ve installed Xvid (or DivX) above, you should see Xvid (or DivX), among others. We prefer Xvid.
  7. You’ll then be prompted for the audio codec to use. This, again depends on what audio codecs you’ve installed on your PC. We usually go for Mpeg Audio (MP3/MP2 etc).
  8. That’s it! The video will start generating.

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